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Loss of Value For Fonterra From Imported GE feed


Fonterra shareholders face a loss of value because the company has not secured its supply chain for GM-free imported feed in Dairy, undermining its food safety credentials. (1)

There is an even greater long term threat to exports from imported GMO-feed because GM elements have been found to be contaminating pasture after surviving the gut of animals they have been fed to.(2)

By accepting contaminated GE animal feed from the world commodity market Fonterra and those using the feed, are destroying shareholder value. They are failing to deliver value by protecting New Zealand dairy's points of difference in the world market, and they are risking longer term damage from soil contamination.

Recent tests conducted by DTS Food Laboratories in Kensington, Victoria, found intact genetically modified DNA in fertiliser coming from poultry feeds containing GM material. This
is being spread over pastoral lands used in dairying and cropping and has been described as a �ticking time bomb� after being discovered.

Stopping this contamination risk is also important to protect other export contracts such as the Alliance Group contract for lamb sold by major UK supermarket Marks & Spencer.(3)

"Action is needed to stop the entry of GMOs into the wider New Zealand agricultural environment through animal feed," says Jon Carapiet,spokesman for GE-free NZ in food and environment.

"Securing a local and international supply of animal feed that is non-GM is vital to keep food safety as a foundation for New Zealand exports."


2) Claims GM poultry manure spread on our pastures


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