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Press Releases / News

24. May 2006, Cancer- causing GE Therapies Signal Urgent Need for Diagnostic Tools

9. May 2006,  1820 Sheep died grazing on the harvested GE cotton land.

29. April 2006,  GE Food Alert as More Illnesses Linked to Bt Crops

12. April 2006,  Labelling Bill Needed to End Consumer Deception

7. April 2006,  New Zealand's Exporters Sent a Warning by International Protests

29. March 2006, Africa and biotech

28. March 2006, NZ speaking with a forked tongue over Terminator

27. March 2006, NZ Embassy in London Hit by Terminator Protest

23. March 2006, NZ's Billion-dollar Reputation at Risk for Backing Terminator

19. March 2006, GE recombinant drugs result in life threatening reactions

17. March 2006, Clean green image will be wrecked unless government goes with the flow

16. March 2006, NZFSA is called to test for unapproved GE contaminant in Baby Rice

11. February 2006, Forcing Unsafe GE Food on Consumers Destroys Legitimacy of WTO

09. February 2006, Whangarei vs WTO (Soil & Health Association of New Zealand)

31. January 2006, NZ Under Threat for Joining "Axis Of Evil" on Terminator

27. January 2006, Community Backing for Maori Call to Ban Terminator Seeds

10. January 2006, Ministry Urged to Act As New Study Shows GE foods May Harm Unborn Babies

23. December 2005, Big Brands Promise Kiwis a GE-Free Christmas

17. December 2005, Kellogg's "New Oil" A Turn-off at Breakfast

15. Decembe 2005r, BioEthics Council Backing for Xenotransplantation is Premature

01. December 2005, Government Scuppers "Buy NZ- Made" Campaign at First Opportunity

30. November 2005, NZ Urged to Follow Swiss Lead on GE Referendum

27. November 2005, Food Authorities Challenged for Failure to Test GE Food

24. November 2005, ERMA Warned that Decision on GE Cows May Face Legal Challenge

23. November 2005, ERMA Faces Protest over GE Cows Approval

20. November 2005, ERMA Failing Public by Forging Ahead with GE Cows

16. November 2005, New Report Sounds Warning Bells for Local Authorities

01. November 2005, Amendment Approval received for New GE Cows

09. October 2005, Call for MAF to improve biosecurity protocols

03. October 2005, Public badly let down by ERMA

28. September 2005, ERMA's exclusion of public in GE decision shows need for new Biotech Commissioner

17. September 2005, New GE Contamination Pushes Liabilty to Top of Agriculture Agenda

15. September 2005, Minister Warns Seed Companies Over GE Contamination

08. September 2005, "No Approval for New GE Cows" says ERMA

02. September 2005, Gene Transfer Found in Soil at GE Cattle Site

01. September 2005, Food Authorities Betray Consumers By Opposing Country of Origin Labelling

23. August 2005, Only stopping bulk GE imports will prevent contamination

21. August 2005, AgResearch GE Cow Application Contravenes Law: Minister Must Use "Call In" Powers

18. August 2005, GE Contamination Shows New Regulations Are Needed to Protect New Zealand's  Economy

16. August 2005, Call for Cross-Party Consensus to protect GE-free Production in New Zealand

02. August 2005, New Wave of GE Trials Must Not Sideline Public

31. July 2005, ERMA's New CEO Faces Ethical Challenge To Win Back Public Trust

28. July 2005, GM Maize Sought

27. July 2005, Law Change Needed to Recover Costs of GM Contamination

27. July 2005, Govt should have as-of-right access to GE test results

27. July 2005, Organics hampered by Govt inaction

26. July 2005, UK Scientists Find "The Impossible" Growing after GM Field Trials

24. July 2005, ERMA's Ethics to be Tested by Latest GE Cows

18. July 2005, Jim Sutton must raise isssue of compensation with US Agriculture secretary

14. July 2005, Biosecurity New Zealand's Systems Draft has Moth Holes

13. July 2005, AGResearch claims about transgenic milk are misleading

03. July 2005, GE Cows Threaten NZ Dairy Industry: Minister Must Use call-in Powers

26. June 2005, Labour Will Ruin NZ's 'Clean Green' Image

23. June 2005, Whales May Survive But New Zealand's Reputation May Not

23. June 2005, Food Recall Demanded in Light of Rat Trials of MON 863

17. June 2005, Developing Nations Slam NZ for 'May Contain GM' stance

13. June 2005, Medical Milk Could Do More Harm than Good

09. June 2005, Alarm at Increase in School Sickness : Action Needed on Bt 10

07. June 2005, Australia Threatens Sanctions over NZ Biosecurity Measures

07. June 2005, Japanese Discovery Raises New Alert on Bt 10 Corn

05. June 2005, Fear Of Boycotts as NZ De-rails International Agreement

03. June 2005, Groups Call for UN CBD Moratorium on GE Trees

02. June 2005, New Discovery of Illegal Bt10 in Corn Shipments

01. June 2005, Labour Re-discovers 'Socialism' at International Conference

31. May 2005, NZ Shamed By Stance Against Liability for GMO's

27. May 2005, Food May Be Increasing Antibiotic Resistance

25. May 2005, GE Lollies Given away to Kids Angers Parents

23. May 2005, Australia's Split from NZ on GM labels Threatens Trans-Tasman Agreement

12. May 2005, NZ Authorities Silent on "Unbelievable Sloppiness!" as EU blockades GM Corn

11. May 2005, "Catch 22" As Trans-Tasman Authority Blocks Information

03. May 2005, EU bans Illegal Corn As NZ Authorities Approve It

18. April 2005, EU Bans Bt10 Corn: NZ Authorities Urged to Take Action

16. April 2005, NZ Urged to Follow US and Fine Biotech Firm

05. April 2005, Minister Urged to Intervene on Illegal GE Corn

04. April 2005, Scientists Rubbish Official Claim that Illegal GE Corn is Safe

31. March 2005, EU Seeks New GE Testing System: NZ Urged to Halt GE Approvals

24. March 2005, US Admits Exporting Illegal GE Corn: NZ Authorities Questioned

18. March 2005, Defeat of GE Moratorium Bill Threatens Biotech Future

15. March 2005, Cadbury's GE Ice Cream Confuses Consumers

14. March 2005, Kiwis Mark World Consumers Rights Day: People Around the World Say No To GMO

10. March 2005, New Zealand Urged to Help Iraqi Farmers

07. March 2005, Study Raises New Health Concerns Over Agro-Chemical Used on GE Plants

02. March 2005, Minister Misleading Parliament over Terminator Support

21. February 2005, Illegal GE Corn Turns Up In Food

20. February 2005, MAF's Flawed Biosecurity Policy Sabotages Corn Crop

18. February 2005, New Zealand Institute of Gene Ecology: Responsibility Urged Over Terminator Tech Release

16. February 2005, Minister Misleading Public Over Terminator Trials

14. February 2005, Minister Must Reject Unethical Research on Terminator Seeds or Resign

11. February 2005, Kiwi Farmers Import Sheep's Ear for Cloning: A Threat to NZ Exports

10. February 2005, Stop Terminator!" Government Urged as Canada threatens International Consensus

08. February 2005, NZ Farmers Warned Over Loss of Access to Seed

07. February 2005, GE Company Seeks Approval for Animal Feed in Human Food

01. February 2005, GE Free NZ: Commerce Commission Warn Consumers 'Check Labels'

26. January 2005, Consumers Deceived as US GE Corn Arrives on Supermarket Shelves

09. January 2005, GE "Dialogue" Research a 'Waste of Time'

19. December 2004, High Court Decision Leaves GE Sites Exposed

09. December 2004, GE "Dialogue" Research a 'Waste of Time'

01. December 2004, Public back concerns over soil contamination: National audit needed

28. November 2004, Refusal to Monitor Soil Health Puts NZ at Risk

19. November 2004, Scepticism over GE " Breakthrough" : Crop and Food barking up wrong tree"

11. November 2004, US Government Report Warns "Mill GM Seeds to Stop Contamination"

08. November 2004, 'GE Solution' Threatens More Than Just Possums

31. October 2004, Seed Purity Laws Vital to Protect NZ's Future

30. October 2004, Referendum on GE-free Option Is Government's Best Antidote to Protests

21. October 2004, Exports Threatened by National's 'Corngate' Policy

20. October 2004, Lesson of Corngate is to Make Leaf-disc Tests Compulsory

13. October 2004, New Seed Security Measures a Boon For NZ Farming

4. October 2004, New Seed Security Measures a Boon For NZ Farming

23. September 2004, No system to recall Monsanto Corn as confusion reigns

20. September 2004, Food Authorities 'OK' Rat Trial Data on GM corn

19. September 2004, Demand for Recall of Suspect GM Corn Has Food Authorities Scrambling

06. September 2004, Breaches Undermine Public and Investor Confidence in GM regulators

02. September 2004, MAF's Plans for GE thresholds Threaten NZ's Economy"

24. August 2004, Welcome Mat for Biotech Investment Must Have Strings Attached

21. August 2004, HART bill changes "a sham response" to public concern over Human GE

01. August 2004, GE Free NZ calls for tests on maize to determine if cause of contamination
is Phytoremediation

28. July 2004, MAF warned against GE seed sellout

2.  July 2004,  MAF Liability for GE Costs Must Be Passed to Gene Company

20. Juny 2004,  Concern over GE experiments reaches High Court

3.  Juny 2004,  GM Labelling Failure puts Brand Reputations On Line

2.  Juny 2004,  "Double Standards" in Government's Acceptance of Corngate Payout

30.  May 2004,  Concern at ERMA delegates approval of new GM food experiments

23.  May 2004,  ERMA challenged over cavalier attitude to science

15.  May 2004,  Emergency: Government Must Set up Fund for GE Contamination

13.  May 2004,  GM Maize threatens future seed purity

12.  May 2004,  GE Polluters must be held liable

12.  May 2004,  Shadow cast on GE foods as Monsanto drops GE wheat

09.  May 2004,  NZ Government ban on GE tree trials essential

06.  May 2004,  Hope that New GE Vote may counter MPs' ignorance

06.  May 2004,  Scientists in fear of GM industry Backlash

30.  April 2004, Antibiotic Resistance behind withdrawal of GM Maize

29.  April 2004, NZ government urged to defend EU against US law suit

26.  April 2004, TVNZ guilty of breach of standards

1.  April 2004,   "Faulty testing of GE corn puts NZ maize under a cloud."

31.  March 2004, Public Urged to oppose GE wheat Application

29.  March 2004, "Iowa's "pharma crop" could decimate New Zealand's exports

24.  March 2004, NZ risks squandering opportunity of the century

23.  March 2004, Councils can make their own rulings on GE

20.  March 2004, Praise for Supermarkets' GE-free chicken

11.  March 2004, PPL collapses- Is Monsanto Next?

11.  March 2004, GE companies will be held 'Liable'- says UK Government

10.  March 2004, Concern over GE link to fever and vomiting

8.  March 2004, US Contamination Shows Need to Re-establish Moratorium

4.  March 2004, US County Bans GE Crops

3.  March 2004, NZ submissions overwhelm Australian Labelling committee

29.  February 2004, Scientist breaks protocol with urgent warning on GE food

25.  February 2004, Floods illustrate risks of accidental spread of GE

21.  February 2004, Mr Bolger too late to save sheep or scientific credibility

20.  February 2004, GE Piggies go to market in Quebec

19.  February 2004, GE Wheat Application a threat to New Zealand’s daily bread

09.  February 2004, Call for Change in Research Funding as GE Fails where Conventional Breeding Succeeds

04.  February 2004, Warning on NZ GE animals as avian flu jumps to humans

03.  February 2004, Call for NZ ban on Pharmaceutical crops - 100% separation unachievable

20.  January 2004, Ban called on human and animal stem cell experimentation as hybrid cells created

19.  January 2004, GM Contamination a threat to Regulation- NZ needs to back EU

15.  January 2004, Crop and Food selling NZ a 'lemon' as sister agency drops GE Wheat Project

14.  January 2004, New Data prompts demand for ERMA to reconsider ‘science’ of GE onions

13.  January 2004, Sir Peter Elworthy’s legacy: the protection of New Zealand

22.  December 2003, ERMA decision fails the test of good science

22.  December 2003, Seminis- GE onion Partner- Blamed for Contaminating Tomatoes

19.  December 2003, Timing of Erma Decision insensitive to Christmas

11.  December 2003, Sell-out Over Country of Origin Labelling

11.  December 2003, NZ falling behind EU on Legal liability

7.  December 2003, Veil of Secrecy prompts Ombudsman Appeal

4.  December 2003, Farmers must get cash for Contamination

28. November 2003, GM-Free Labelling "Impossible"

27. November 2003, Oversized Fish Cause Concern

27. November 2003, Scientific Data goes Up in Smoke

26. November 2003, Conflict Looms Over GE-free Labels

25. November 2003, ERMA Warned over Inadequate Scientific Monitoring of GE Animals

21. November 2003, GM Contamination of Mexican Maize

17. November 2003, Overseas markets need urgent Government reassurance on GE release.

13. November 2003, Secret planning a threat to food safety

11. November 2003, Scientists warn of risk to consumers from lack of tests on GE food

10. November 2003, Science compromised in GE Decisions

7. November 2003, Authorities Turn Blind Eye to Containment Breach

7. November 2003, Restructuring Risks Undermining NZ Export Reputation

6. November 2003, Soil tests useless as GE Onions study riddled with flaws

4. November 2003, Organic food production could be forced out of existence

4. November 2003, ERMA faces 'defining' Cultural Test

2. November 2003, Onion application a disgrace

1. November 2003, Media Advisory

30. October 2003, Dismay as ERMA blocks hundreds from GE Hearings

30. October 2003, Government does "dirty work" for biotech industry

29. October 2003, Anger as ERMA reveals planning for GE release

24. October 2003, Biotech Companies Cause Havoc with GE contamination

23. October 2003, Zero Threshold for GE contamination welcomed.

22. October 2003, Call for Resignation as MP Dumps Democracy

20. October 2003, Call for Legal Challenge to protect GE-free production

17. October 2003, Britain's Farm Scale Evaluations on GE Crops show caution needed

16. October 2003, Scientist says destruction of GE sheep a national scandal

16. October 2003, PSRG release Open Letter to the New Zealand Government

15. October 2003, Government criticised for failing to monitor health risks

15. October 2003, MP's betray National interest

15. October 2003, GE Minister called to Account for Misleading Statements

13. October 2003, Government loses credibility on GE science and democracy

13. October 2003, Nation pleas for government to protect GE-free production

10. October 2003, Councils call for GE moratorium extension

10. October 2003, Revealed: Hundreds of Acres of GE trials Planned

9. October 2003, Physicians & Scientists for Responsible Genetics

9. October 2003, Insurance refused for Government's Irresponsible GE Gamble

7. October 2003, Time New Zealand exercised its right to ban GE crops

6. October 2003, Government Abandons GM-Free production

27. September 2003, More proof that Government must legislate to preserve GE free production

24. September 2003, Scientists back extension of GE moratorium in challenge to ERMA

24. September 2003, No Resolution of Problems in Sight

23. September 2003, Otago GE research confirms national interest in protecting GE-free food supply

19. September 2003, Co-existence does not work.

18. September 2003, PPL Therapeutics in financial collapse.

18. September 2003, GE contamination may impact protocol ratification

16. September 2003, PSRG calls for the reinstatement of the GE Moratorium

15. September 2003, Industry lobby rules GE policy

5. September 2003, Parents denied ‘right to know’ what they are feeding their babies

4. September 2003, Garlic industry crushed

29. August 2003, Minister says she supports 'informed choice' for customers

20. August 2003, Call for ban on Genetically Engineered Humans

18. August 2003, Secrecy over GE onions rings alarm bells

13. August 2003, Gene Patents - profiteers must carry liability too

11. August 2003, ERMA urged to support Moratorium on GE-release

11. August 2003,  Government Must Quit Unethical Attack on EU at WTO

8. August 2003,  Finding Alternative Source for Seed is NOT "impossible"

8. August 2003,  ERMA urged to support Moratorium on GE-release

6. August 2003,  Meacher warns select committee and government ministers of GE risks

2. August 2003,  Audit vindicates public's lack of confidence in ERMA's regulation of GE

1. August, 2003, ACT and Aliens back Life Sciences Push on GE

1. August, 2003, Monsanto's safety tests riddled with flaws

31. July 2003,   Prince Charles joins GE-Free campaign

30. July 2003,   Issue "Bigger than Nuclear" says GE-Free Conference

25. July 2003,   Law must protect GE-free production- MPs told

23. July 2003,   Planting of GE Trees Prompts Export Warning

22. July 2003,   NZFSA study to help establish safety of herbicides

19. July 2003,   NZ government subsidizing biotech at public expense

18. July 2003,   GE Trees planted out last week

18. July 2003,   Bio-security warning over disposal of GE Sheep

17. July 2003,   Minister should call in application until 'independence' of scientific advisors is evaluated

17. July 2003,   Time to rethink ‘animal bioreactors’ as sheep set for slaughter.

16. July 2003,   GM problems "the tip of the iceberg"

15. July 2003,   Wrong to seek ERMA judgement on Safety of GE onions

14. July 2003,   GE Onions application should be withdrawn

11. July 2003,   More GE corn contamination

10. July 2003,   GE onions have “no benefit “ for New Zealand

9. July 2003,   Answers needed on GE Corn Liability and seed imports

8. July 2003,   ERMA cancels more public GE public meetings

7. July 2003,   ERMA expertise and independent risk assessment lacking

7. July 2003,   Hold GM Company liable for contamination costs

5. July 2003,   Choice between moratorium or NZ economy

3. July 2003,   Northland  Council Chairman’s Report on GE

1. July 2003,   Biotech lobby wants "don't look - don't find" strategy

28. June 2003, Kaipara District Council decides to stay GE free

26. June 2003, ERMA approval could cost the taxpayers millions

26. June 2003, BioEthics Council and NZ Catholic Bishops call for more public scrutiny

22. June 2003, Disposal of GE sheep presents massive biosecurity problem

19. June 2003, Authorities admit there were NO clinical trials on GE food

17. June 2003, Demand for New Zealand Laws to make GE companies liable

13. June 2003, Public submissions must not be discarded

11. June 2003, Supermarkets reject GE Foods

6. June 2003, GE Free call to enforce proper labeling of GE foods

6. June 2003, Scientists back Rural Women's stance on GE moratorium

6. June 2003, More international scientists warn against GE

5. June 2003, Land Values threatened by GE release- Surveyors Warn

4. June 2003, Call to Government for "People's Contract" as GE Contaminates Wheat

30. May 2003, Report shows GE will not feed the world 

27. May 2003, School children vulnerable to biotech industry PR 

22. May 2003, ERMA refuses soil-testing despite plan for more GE sheep 

21. May 2003, GM contaminates organic farms