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Speaker Brings Global Perspective on GE


New Zealand audiences have a chance to hear first hand about the impact GMOs have had overseas, when GE-Free NZ hosts International speaker Jeffrey Smith for two talks this week in Wellington and Nelson.

�It is exciting to be welcoming a speaker of Mr. Smith's calibre to New Zealand," said Claire Bleakley, President of GE-Free NZ.

�The overwhelming evidence of risks associated with GE processes, and growing and eating of GM food will be clearly examined. So too will the solution that are important in showing the way forward for sustainably meeting the needs of future generations through agriculture."

Mr. Smith is a leading consumer advocate promoting healthier non-GMO choices. His work expertly summarizes why the safety assessments conducted by the FDA and other regulators worldwide are flawed, and have been built on a foundation of uncertain science. Mr.Smith explains why independent scientists are warning that genetically engineered foods must urgently become a top food safety priority internationally.

Jeffrey Smith is the founding executive director of the Institute of Responsible Technology, a leading source of GMO health risk information for consumers, policy makers, and healthcare professionals.

His feature-length documentary �Genetic Roulette� was awarded the 2012 Movie of the Year (Solari Report) and the Transformational Film of the Year (AwareGuide). Described as a �life-changer� and seen by millions world-wide, the film links genetically engineered food to toxic and allergic reactions, infertility, digestive disorders, and numerous problems that have been on the rise in the US population since genetically modified organisms (GMOs) were introduced.

An admired keynote speaker, Mr. Smith has lectured in 37 countries, spoken with leaders from every continent, and his message featured in media around the world.

�Everyone is welcome to these enlightening talks to gain insights on the international experience with GMOs and to have their questions answered," said Claire Bleakley.

17th December: St Andrews on the Terrace

Wellington contact: Jon Muller 0274794195

18th December: The Free House, Collingwood, Nelson.

Nelson Contact: Susie Lees 0210543492



Genetic Roulette, The Gamble of Our Lives http://www.responsibletechnology.org/

Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods, http://seedsofdeception.com/shop/genetic-roulette/

Contact: Claire Bleakley 027 348 6731 / 06 3089842

Jon Carapiet 0210507681

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