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Questions Raised Over Cow Deaths


The death of 200 cows after eating a new variety of PGG Wrightsons herbicide tolerant (HT) swedes [1] is a disaster for New Zealand farmers.

MPI and EPA must explain how come they have allowed use of a novel mutagenic food crop that is able to resist intense spraying with herbicides? [2]

This crop has been developed using a highly controversial technique of mutagenesis with the chemical Ethylmethane Sulfonate (EMS). EMS is a systemic mutagen that causes irreversible health effects, deformities and cancers. In animal tests it has been shown to be fatal in small amounts. [3]

The Lincoln team who developed the seeds for PGG Wrightsons involved Dr. Tony Connor who is a lead promoter for GMOs.

�Is there a relationship between the seed saved from the failed GE brassica lines and the development of this new toxic HT line now being sold?� said Claire Bleakley president of GE Free NZ.

"Animals are the mainstay of the New Zealand economy. The animal grazing pastures should not be left to be decided by agrochemical companies who have little interest in animal health and benefit from the use of large amounts of toxic chemicals."

MPI and EPA must immediately conduct comprehensive testing to see if the whole of the novel brassica range breach New Zealand legislation over the creation of such toxic plants.

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[3] http://datasheets.scbt.com/sc-257504.pdf

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