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NZ Dairy exports vulnerable to unapproved GM animal-feed


GE Free NZ would like to congratulate the New Zealand�s dairy industry for moving to organic production rather than competing as a low-price commodity producer.

Dairy companies should also take notice of the growing rejection of GE/GMO grains that have not been approved in all international markets but imported for use in supplementary stock feed. The US grain handlers are rejecting 19 varieties of GM corn and soy because they lack international approval. These products have led to the rejection of shipments, costing millions of dollars [1].

Overseas, dairy companies have reacted by guaranteeing that their products contain non-chemical and non-GMO ingredients, throughout their supply chain. This also means in animal feed [2] [3]. Until thousands of tonnes of GM soy and corn imported for animal feed is stopped, producers like Fonterra will continue to lose markets to international suppliers who have moved into the non-GMO niche.

�Lidl in Germany and Dannon in the US are responding to market demand. They point the way for New Zealand farmers to rise above the commodity market that many are stuck in,� said Jon Carapiet, national spokesman for GE-Free NZ.

�GMO�free is a powerful way to differentiate New Zealand milk in the global market. GMO animal feed is characteristic of low-end commodity producers with which Fonterra is trying to compete in global auctions.�

Companies can no longer trust the safety of the GM foods that Food Standards Authority (FSANZ) has approved. FSANZ continues to ignore the mounting evidence of harm from GM foods acknowledged by international regulators [4].

Global sales of non-GMO food and beverage products are projected to reach $800 billion by 2017 [5]. Manufacturers and suppliers can protect their supply chain by using New Zealand grown and non-GMO grains for any supplementary feed.

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