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Food Authorities under scrutiny for approving harmful GE crop


New Zealand's food regulators- FSANZ, must think again about the basis for their approvals of GE foods in the light of revelations that companies may have deliberately hidden data from officials.

GE Free NZ (in food and environment) is backing calls from the Green Party for immediate action to be taken in light of the release of data in Germany relating to Monsanto's MON863 geneticaly modified corn.

GE Free NZ is awaiting an urgent respone from FSANZ in regard to what actions it will take in light of revelations that they have approved MON863 on the basis of deceptive data.

FSANZ has been asked to advise on the following:
-Given the evidence of harm resulting from consumption from the now-released data when will they suspend the existing approval?
-When will they review the data, revise and re-issue their assessment?
- What are the Brand names of products including MON863 imported into Australia/ New Zealand?
- Are they also aware of the recent data from India in relation to harm arising from consumption of BT crops? (see press release below)
- What public-health monitoring of effects from approved GM products does FSANZ have in place or access from other government/independent authorities?
- Why, if there is no such data, does FSANZ believe it is an acceptable situation on which to base its work moving forward?

These issues go to the heart of the way officials carry out their statutory duties to protect public health and the safety of the food supply. As a matter of urgency they must be answered honestly and with transparancy.
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