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GE Brassica Hearing date not set.


GE Brassica Hearing date not set.

Lawyers for ERMA, Crop and Food and GE Free (NZ) met in the High court
to discuss the further proceedings on the GE Bt Brassica appeal.

The case conference discussed the protocol around the notification of the
appeal to 959 submitters, giving further opportunity for submitters to join
the appeal hearing. A further case conference will be held on the 14 August
to update the Court on progress, and at that time a hearing date may be set.
It has been signalled that this would possibly be late 2007 or early 2008..

"GE Free do not want this appeal to drag on but it is important that
everyone who wants to, has a say in the appeal proceedings." said Claire
Bleakley, of GE Free (NZ) in Food and Environment.

GE Free (NZ) in Food and Environment are appealing the ERMA decision to
approve a field trial of GE brassica on points of law. They are submitting
that the field test conditions have not been met and in particular that no
testing has been required on the long term effects on ecosystems,
animal or human health. Scientific studies have shown that Bt gene has been
linked to human ill health and animal deaths.

"We believe that ERMA should have declined this application as it did not
fulfil the requirements of the HSNO Act in relation to the final outcomes
that are required for GE in relation to economic, environmental and
community safety." Mrs Bleakley said. "We are very happy with the outcomes
so far, and thank everyone for their enormous support with donations and
offers of help."


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