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Otago University Report Should be Withdrawn


The report on "NZ's Clean Green Image" by a team from the Marketing Department of Otago University should be withdrawn and the raw data released for peer review.

The claims made by the report are only true within a framework of deceptive practices, which raise questions of ethics and academic credibility.

The report is a fabrication of research over a decade, but alternates between an academic and cynical real-world approach to consumer marketing. There is no evaluation of the benefits of actively marketing clean, green, GE-free and Nuclear-free."Pure 100% NZ".

The Otago researchers have kept secret the data on how valuable the "100% Pure NZ" slogan is, despite tourists being asked about it, and strong support for the slogan to be restored.
In contrast, confusion-maketing around "GM" foods, including unethical enforcement of risk on consumers is implied in the Report's narrative around food "Gatekeepers".

The recent questioning of first-time visitors includes a deeply flawed questionnaire that introduces bias even as the designers seek to avoid bias. No recognition is made of the need to define the subject of GM as all food is not GE, and that is clear.

The main problem for The University of Otago is that The Marketing Report lacks common sense.

"The claims made are fraudulent because they ignore the benefit of promoting Brand New Zealand as nuclear-free, GE-free and organic. That is the Billion Dollar question for the Brand."

The report has been represented as unbiased research, informed by literature reviews and involving a series of overseas experiments 2003- 2010.


Jon Carapiet


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