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NZ Joins Millions Against Monsanto and R2K on World Food Day


New Zealanders are joining with consumers around the world to mark World Food Day on October 16 in support of the USA's Right2Know campaign and Millions Against Monsanto.

The US consumer demand for labelling of GE foods has parallels with the battle for labelling and regulation in New Zealand in the early 2000s, which continues today with the latest approval of 2,4-D GE crops pending.

Standing alongside consumers across the world the New Zealand campaign asks politicians to protect New Zealand's GE-free status and clean green image. The nationwide campaign with the headline "Keep it Natural" asks for government to establish a GE-Free Zone and for the restoration of the moratorium on commercial release of GE organisms.

Supermarket managers are also being asked to intervene in support of their customers by withdrawing or at least giving a warning about GE products. There is particular concern for a GE product of a type that has been clearly implicated as harmful in animal feeding trials. It remains on sale because Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) - the official food agency - has rejected all published scientific research raising safety concerns. Despite the independent scientific warnings FSANZ has deemed the suspect products safe, without further study.

Consumers all over the world care about safe, GE-free, natural, organic, sustainable and ethical food production. US consumers have a right to avoid the risks of Genetically Engineered food.

The historic record of how US officials ignored their own scientific experts and approved GE foods anyway, shows GE foods should not have been allowed into the human food chain. The issue of clear labelling to warn consumers is a human rights one.

The Insurance industry will not cover the gradual damage that GMO's could entail, and it is unethical to force the uncontrolled GE experiment onto the public of any country.


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