GE Free New Zealand in Food & Environment, 1st September 2005

Food Authorities Betray Consumers By Opposing Country of Origin Labelling

Submissions by New Zealand government agencies against introduction of labelling that will help consumers "buy local'', support ethical production, diffentiate between products and to eat more safely, is a betrayal of the public interest.

The official opposition to "CoOL" is also a sign that soverignty and the National interest are now being compromised by tran-Tasman officials dedicated to free-trade agendas and furthering the intrest of overseas corporations rather than their own citizens.

"This opposition is a betrayal of the public good and will further destroy any trust the public and local producers still have in the Food Authorities we fund with our taxes," says Jon Carapiet from GE Free NZ in food and environment.

" Most concerning is the nonsense used in supporting their case including the claim that CoOL labeling will not have relevance to food safety when it most obviously does in regard to variations in use of pesticides, antibiotics and GE to name just a few examples."

It is truely a betrayal of the interests of all New Zealanders that the Food Safety Authority, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade,  and the Ministry of Economic Development have joined together in opposing "CoOL".

Whoever is in government after the election will need to take a cold, hard look at what is going on behind the walls of these Ministeries.

"Our farmers and exporters are being sold out and consumers denied basic protection and the right to choose because of a higher agenda that is not in the national interest," says Mr Carapiet.

The approach to globalisation of both National and Labour appears to have bowed to vested interests, and it is time for all New Zealanders to be questioning both main parties about their lack of vision for a sustainable economy that will benefit consumers and producers alike.

The deadline for public comment on "CoOL" to Food Standards Australia/ NZ is 5th September.


Jon Carapiet 0210 507 681


Proposal P292 – Country of Origin Labelling of Food – Draft Assessment Report



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