GE Free New Zealand in Food & Environment, 30th October 2003

Media Advisory

Recent media reports have wrongly claimed to quote spokespeople for GE Free NZ when the persons interviewed were not  representatives of any organisation of that name.

GE Free NZ (in food and environment) Inc. is the community group on record in the GM debate and for the last five years , (previously known as R.A.G.E), and have regularly issued comment to media with clear contact details of the spokesperson.

The organisation has a well-established presence and identity in the public arena of which most journalists covering the subject are fully aware.

It is regretful that some media have recently erred in accurate reporting by accepting comment from individuals unconnected and unknown to the organisation and attributing those comments to "a spokesperson for GE Free NZ".

To avoid false representation in reporting please note the following:

1)  GE Free New Zealand (in food and environment) Inc. is an incorporated society with democratically elected officeholders, spokespeople and regional representatives, and we represent 1500 members throughout NZ.

2)  Only those elected officeholders or spokespeople can make statements which the media can reasonably associate and report as being from 'GE Free NZ'.

3)  Statements made by members or NON members (as has occurred recently) are to be treated as their private opinions but cannot be held to represent the views or opinions of GE Free NZ.

4)  GE Free NZ publishes press releases whenever there is an issue it feels is of public interest, and they are available on their website at

For your records: The national spokeperson, and office holders are listed below;

National spokesperson: Jon Carapiet 09 815 3370
President: Claire Bleakley
Transhuman issues: Tremane Barr
Susie Lees.
Jon Muller.

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