GE Free New Zealand in Food & Environment, 1st  December 2004

Public back concerns over soil contamination: National audit needed

There have been many enquiries from the public and media concerning High Court hearing into ERMA's monitoring of soil at the PPL GE-sheep site. The public interest shows that many people are concerned by the lack of an integrated system to monitor and protect soil health.

This is an issue of such public interest that a national audit of soil quality should be undertaken, particularly in regard to sites where GE experiments have been allowed.

Soil health is a core concern for the economy and human health. Recent cases of contamination in parts of Auckland and Taranaki add to the growing public concern for New Zealand's sustainability.

GE experiments with crops or livestock in the field have physiological impacts that have to be controlled and monitored. Failure to do so continues to erode public confidence in the adequacy of the regulatory system.


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