GE Free New Zealand in Food & Environment, 01st December 2005

Government Scuppers "Buy NZ- Made" Campaign at First Opportunity
The Government has undermined what should have been one of the main pillars for a "Buy NZ-made" campaign by refusing to introduce "Country of Origin" labelling which allows consumers to know where their food is produced.
Food Safety Minister Annette King has announced the Government will not implement Food Standard Australia New Zealand’s (FSANZ) standard for mandatory country-of-origin labelling (CoOL) of food, despite the Australian government adopting it.
"The New Zealand Government's obsession with promoting global free trade is now hurting this country's economic well-being," says Jon Carapiet form GE Free NZ in food and environment. "Information that will help people support local growers by choosing locally-produced food is good for our farmers, consumers and the environment."
The Minister is reported to have justified the move by saying  “mandatory CoOL is potentially an unnecessary barrier to international trade”.
"The decision is a sell-out of the New Zealand Brand at home and overseas. It is a betrayal of consumers' right to know the source of their food and what processes have been used to produce it," says Mr Carapiet.
"Helen Clark once described herself as "Brand Manager" for New Zealand. This decision to reject  'CoOL'  is a scandal. It shows her government still do not take 'Brand New Zealand" seriously, and are even prepared to actively undermine it."
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