GE Free NZ, 6th June  2003

GE Free call the Government agency to enforce proper labeling of GE foods

GE Free NZ applauds the effort that Greenpeace made in finding GE contamination in Inghams chickens. It is felt the Food Safety Authority should reimburse Greenpeace for the tests that the FSA should have carried out.

The insidious movement of GMO's into the food chain through processed foods and animals fed on GE feedstuffs, without any labeling requirements is against consumer rights. The large brand of "Signature Range" directly sources its chickens from Inghams as do many fast food outlets. The chickens, apart from their living conditions and antibiotic regimes, are now being forced to eat GE contaminated feed, which contains antibiotic resistant genes.

"This news is very concerning as the spread of antibiotic resistance like the multiple resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is now at epidemic proportions in some places and it appears we may be speeding up these problems in our foods" said Claire Bleakley of GE Free (NZ) " There have been very few studies into the safety of eating GE food but the ones that have been conducted have caused the British Medical Association (BMA) to call for a halt on GE foods until full and comprehensive trials have been conducted.� 

GE Free call on the Governments FSA to enforce proper labeling of GE foods as it appears that companies cannot be trusted to have this responsibility. The New Zealand public has a right to know what products contain GE ingredients. GE Free New Zealand will ask the Food Safety Authority to give a commitment to the New Zealand public that it will protect the basic right to grow and eat GE-free food that is NOT contaminated by GE constructs?

Jon Carapiet 09 815 3370
Claire Bleakley. (06) 3089842

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