GE Free New Zealand in Food & Environment, 07th February 2005

GE Company Seeks Approval for Animal Feed in Human Food

New applications from Monsanto for GE foods to be sold in New Zealand include one that would allow GE animal-feed to be used in human food and would be "totally unacceptable" to most New Zealanders.

A raft of previous applications for GE foods have been approved by Food Standards Australia NZ despite widespread public opposition. Now application A549 for High-Lysine Corn (LYO 38) is going one step further but without the scientific studies that scientists warn are needed.

Application A549 for High-Lysine Corn has already been criticised in a damning submission to FSANZ by a leading group of researchers in New Zealand.

Public submissions on this application close on Wednesday 9th but few people are aware of it and the government should intervene now to protect the long-term integrity of New Zealand food system.

The government should be paying attention to leading New Zealand scientists at the NZ Institute of Gene Ecology who clearly have the national interest in mind.

"The Minister of Health has a duty to voice New Zealand scientists' concerns," says Jon Carapiet from GE Free NZ in food and environment.

"Australian dominance on the trans-Tasman committee can already be blamed for a steady stream of GE foods to be approved. Allowing human food to be contaminated by GE animal -feed is a totally unacceptable basis for official approval."


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