GE Free New Zealand in Food & Environment, 8th July  2003

ERMA cancels more public GE public meetings

ERMA has cancelled a second Meeting with community organisations and NGO's in Christchurch (7th July) after also canceling a public meeting on the New Organisms and Other Matters Bill in Wellington last month. 

This has raised concerns that the public voice is being silenced as the government and its officials drive on with plans for GE conditional and full release after October, ignoring mounting evidence that the policy is fatally flawed.

The decision by the MP's on the select committee to use their powers, not to hear members of the public making submissions on the NOOM bill, has added to concern.

It increasingly appears that the government wants to shut down debate about the risks of their policy as new evidence emerges, and instead has been hijacked into a blind attempt to bully its way to commercial GE release in New Zealand.

Jon Carapiet 09 815 3370

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