GE Free New Zealand in Food & Environment, 10th November 2003

Science compromised in GE Decisions

Over 600 scientists have repeated calls for governments and vested interests in the biotech industry to recognise the sound scientific basis for imposing moratoria on the release of GE organism into the environment. 

The declaration points to the fact that the important role of sound, ethical science has been compromised by the pressure from commercial interests to deliver profit streams as fast as possible from GE research.

The Crop and Food application for GE onions is a case in point. It is a deeply flawed concept producing products for which there is no market and which is likely to lead to increased chemical contamination of food. Moreover the application is being considered by ERMA despite obvious gaps in basic preliminary research that must be conducted in full containment and which give reason enough to halt external GE trials throughout the world.

GE Free NZ in food and environment call on the Life Sciences Network, their associated organisations to accept full and unlimited liability for their experiments. In the interest of sound science and respect for human rights they should also agree to a voluntary moratorium on external GE trials and release for an indefinite period.

Science and community values must work in tandem. The message from these hundreds of scientists is that the system has broken down. The New Zealand government like others around the world has compromised good science under pressure from industry lobbyists.

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