GE Free New Zealand in Food & Environment, 25th  May 2005

GE Lollies Given away to Kids Angers Parents

A Parent alarmed that a local shop has been giving away South-African made lollies to his children has complained to GE Free NZ and promted concerns over their GE content.

FIZZER lollies have been imported from South Africa by Beacon Sweets and Chocolates in Petone and contain genetically modified soy protein that triggers the 1% labelling threshold. The proprietor says that he only gives the sweets away to his South African customers but other ethnicities have recieved the 'free" GE sweets which has angered parents.

The concern arises both from the ethics of any such " giveaway " to kids but also because the label does not specify the source of the Genetically Modified soy which may not be from an officially approved GE product examined through the FSANZ process.

" The FSANZ process is deeply flawed but arguably better than nothing. In this case no testing may have been done and it could be an illegal GM ingredient as we have seen with the illegal importation of Bt10," says Claire Bleakely from GE Free NZ in food and environment.

"Scientists are identifying major health concerns over the safety of GE foods," says Clare. " To date their are still no diagnostic tests to gauge the adverse effects, so we can only rely on the animal studies which have indicated that blood disorders and organ changes occur when GE foods are ingested".

Parents also point out that young children are not able to read the print when handed a lolly. It can be highly embarassing when parents try to stop our child from eating the "free" give away.

Food retailers should not be acting in this way and if they refuse to stop should at least have their "free" give-always clearly labelled for GE ingredients and offered to parents first so they can read the labels and decide for themesleves if they want their children to ingest it.


Claire Bleakley (06) 3089842



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