Auckland GE-FREE Coalition, 30th July  2003

Issue "Bigger than Nuclear"  - says GE-Free Conference.

A national hui bringing together groups alarmed by plans to allow release of GE organisms has concluded in Auckland with agreement for a public campaign through 2004. The conference drew people from throughout the community including local

government politicians, mothers, environmentalists, businesspeople, church groups, farmers, tangata whenua, activists, academics, scientists and veterans of the anti-nuclear campaign.

Over 200 people attended the weekend conference and public meeting called in response to concern about government turning a blind eye to growing proof of irreversible contamination and damage to the country's economy as a result of GE release. More than half had travelled from areas all over the North Island, often as delegates representing their groups and/or organisations.

Organisers are delighted by the agreement amongst such diverse groups and by the support coming from around the country.

Individual groups will only publicise their own actions to the media.The final session of the conference agreed the following declaration for media release:

"We support a GE Free NZ in food and environment and will continue to oppose the environmental release of GE organisms.
We believe it is vital to keep and strengthen the moratorium in order to protect our quality GE Free primary production. 
We declare the Preservation of GE-Free production must be enshrined in law."

Media Contact: Jon Carapiet 09-815-3370 on behalf of the Auckland GE-FREE Coalition.

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